Palau Guell in Barcelona

My husband, Bill, and I have begun a wonderful opportunity to spend two months in Spain, primarily in Sevilla.  Like millions of others around the world we also decided that the best way to share our experience with family, friends, and co-workers was to publish a blog during our trip.

Our adventure stems from a happy convergence of both personal and professional factors. My husband was originally trained as a Latin American historian (he has a Ph.D. in the field) and spent several years studying the area, especially Argentina. After I went to Argentina with him a few years back I fell in love with the country and developed a desire to learn Spanish as well as to learn more about Latin American and Iberian culture.

At Empirix, my responsibilities quickly brought me into professional contact with personnel in Mexico, Brazil, England, and Spain among other countries.  Thanks to terrific support from my company, especially my boss and co-workers, I was able to put together a sabbatical leave for a few months so I could pursue my desire to immerse myself in a Spanish-speaking environment. I enrolled in some intensive language and culture courses in a school in Sevilla, we rented and apartment, and off we went. 

In this blog we will try to represent curiosities we encounter as a result of living in a different country and trying to learn as much as we can about Spanish culture and every day life.

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  1. Sue, don’t know if you are still getting these or not. If you do, contact me so we can catch up. Seems like centuries instead of years.


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