A Day Trip to Cadiz

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View from Torre Tavira

On a bright and sunny Saturday we took a day trip to Cadiz. Cadiz is a beautiful city on the coast of Spain and the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Iberian Peninsula and possibly of all southwestern Europe.  Before we left, we mapped out the activities we wanted to do since we had a short time to visit.  Luckily for us and the many millions of visiting tourists year round, the tourist bureau of Cadiz has made it quite easy to get around the city and see the sights.  There are 4 tourist routes (historical route, beaches, monuments, etc…) and each is represented by a color (blue, green, yellow, etc…).  These colors are painted on the streets or sidewalks so you can easily follow a route.

We chose the purple route.  The first stop on our walk was the Cathedral.  The Catedral de Cadiz began in the 1700’s on top of an older cathedral that sat on the same spot in 1260.  Because of the length of time it took to build, the Cathedral has a combination of three styles -Baroque style in its interiors, Rococo in its ornamentation and Neoclassical on the main façade, the domes and the towers.  It’s quite beautiful and has an interesting crypt.  After we left the Cathedral, we stopped by a very interesting Phoenician and Roman Archaeological Site at the Bishop’s House.  Next stop was the Torre Tavira one of the many watchtowers that was in operation in Cadiz during the 18th century. I climbed to the top (Bill stayed on ground level) and enjoyed a lovely panoramic view of the city.  One of the fun activities in the tower is the ‘Camara Obscura’ which is made of a pipe, magnifying lens and a concave drum and allows panoramic views of the city that are reflected on the darkroom walls.  As we followed the purple route, we came across some great gems – one is the open air Mercado and the other was a special exhibition of Rodin sculptures in the street.  

In between the sightseeing we partook of the delicious food especially pastries and fried fish.  We ate at the restaurant famous for its fried fish – at the Freiduria Las Flores on Plaza de Topete. This place was teeming with people waiting to eat – outside, inside, at the bar, in between tables – it was crazy but the food was delicious!

We finished the day with a walk around the beach, enjoying the late afternoon sun before returning to the train station for the trip home.  We really enjoyed our day together.

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