Voy a Compras – I’m Going Shopping

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My New Shoes

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m in school for 4 hours a day instead of 6 and that has given me time to do other things.  Bill goes shopping every day for food, wine, etc…but the shopping I’m interested in is for clothes and shoes.  Readers who know me well– especially those who travel with me – know how I love to buy shoes.  Now, don’t get the wrong idea.  I’ve been to stores, paid for goods and ordered food or drinks at restaurants and cafes.  But these conversations have been very small and I need to have more detailed and various types of conversations.  In Spanish, the words used to specify your clothing size versus your shoe size are different.  “¿Qué talla tiene?” means what size (clothing) whereas “¿Qué número tiene?” means what’s your shoe size. 

During the past few weeks I’ve walked past a small shoe store close to my school.  I’ve had my eye on a couple of pairs of shoes in the window.  So, today I decided to go in and try them on.  I explained to the salesman that I didn’t speak Spanish very well. He immediately said he spoke a little English but I told him I wanted to practice my Spanish if it was okay with him.  He helped me with the words I didn’t know (like the word for try on – “probar” – I couldn’t remember it).  I made my purchase and felt very happy!  It was really a fun experience.    

Later after lunch, Bill and I went to el Corte Ingles (a large department store) to purchase some new socks.  That was easier until I needed to pay.  When the saleswoman approached me, I couldn’t remember how to say “I’d like to buy these”.  But I used the words I knew “quero pagar” (I wish to pay) and she of course knew what I wanted and helped with me with my purchase.  

 So, on to more shopping tomorrow!  After all, I do need the practice, don’t I?

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