La Batalla de la Lavadura 2 / The Battle of the Washing Machine 2

Posted on October 28, 2010 by


I thought I had won the infamous washing machine battle, I hadn’t. I’ve been happily washing clothes with this maldita maquina for two weeks now. I had noticed that there never seemed to be any suds but chalked that up to hard water.  The water didn’t seem hard based on our showers, but what do I know. 

Today, I was doing some washing ahead of expected rain this weekend and happened to look at the little wrapper on the detergent cubes. Interesting enough the kind of product it is appears in 6 or 7 languages on the little packet. One of those languages is of course English. That’s when it hit me between the eyes: “water softener.”  Whaaat!!! I grabbed the box and read all the fine print. What I thought was an all-in-one tablet with soap and water softener was nothing more than water softener — which, as you probably know, doesn’t really produce suds! So for two weeks I’ve been washing our clothes and towels in nothing but hot water and water softener. No wonder my white socks were getting greyer by the wash! So off to the store I went to get actual detergent. Now we’ve got suds.

PS: I also solved the drying problem by buying cord and stringing to long lines across our patio. Of course, I did screw up my measurement conversions at the store and instead of getting 30 feet of line I got 30 meters — o sea, 90+ feet! Oh well, the next guests here will have some cord to do something with — like string up the washing machine.