La Catedral de Sevilla Is Breathtaking

Posted on October 21, 2010 by


Last weekend we went to the Cathedral of Seville. It is an enormous structure built in place of a Moorish mosque after the reconquest of Spain in the late 15th century. But truth be told, despite its obvious enormity from the outside there is little to prepare you for what you see upon entering. It is literally breathtaking. It is the largest gothic cathedral in the world and the third largest of any style in the world. The picture to the left is of just one of the entrances.

Unfortunately, we do not have the kind of camera that can do just to the interior space. It like entering an enormous hall with vaulted ceilings that are several hundred feet high. There are many altars of course, one of which is made entirely of silver. There is a choir area that is itself the size of a small church. We spent nearly 2 hours touring the inside, there are so many altars,chapels, tombs, and rooms to see.

One part of the original Moorish structure that was kept was a tower, called the Giralda. You can walk up to the top of the tower (by ramps), which we did, not knowing that there were something like 39 levels to get to the top! A major surprise to us was that the Cathedral now contains the remains of Christopher Columbus. They were moved there in the early 1900s.  Here are some sample photos from the interior as well as of the area as seen from La Giralda tower.