La Batalla de la Lavadura / The Battle of the Washing Machine

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Our "Clothes Dryer"

Well, for those who where wondering what I do everyday while Sue is mastering Spanish (which she is doing at a wonderful speed!), one answer is — the washing!  It turns out that while our apartment is well equipped, including a nice washing machine, it does not have a clothes dryer. Who knew that was such a critical modern convenience. My impression is that many, if not most,homes do not have dryers, largely because of lack of space. So you have to dry the clothes in the open air.  That’s fine, we often do that at home on the Cape, but here we only have the interestingly configured rack you see in this picture. It takes about a day and half for anything to dry outside. We have yet to figure out what we are going to do with the sheets to get them dry but I’ll find out tomorrow!

Of course, the washing machine and I did not get off to a great start. It was easy enough to figure out the cycles and what-not. But we spent about 2-3 hours soon after we arrived trying to figure why the darn thing never drained. It didn’t drain even after going througha sping cycle. Somehow, we always ended up with the clothes soaking with water.  I put the machine through various cycles, but always the same result – soaking wet clothes sitting in water.

Finally, Sue went to the Internet and found the manual for this particular make and model. Deep in the instructions was the description of a “feature.” When a certain button was pushed the machine prevented wringles from happening by stopping the cycle with water still loaded. This prevents wrinkling until you ready to remove the clothes. Then you turn the machine off, move the cycle dial to a certain position, and turn the machine back on. Once you do that, the water drains. Problem solved! Now, if I could just get the clothes to dry faster. I’m on the lookout for the kind of store where you can by rope so I can string something across our courtyard and hang all the sheets at once!

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