Las Puertas/The Doors

Posted on October 13, 2010 by


As Bill mentioned in the first post, the streets in our neighborhood are very narrow. So, if you are walking slowly, (and you are curious) you can’t help but look at the doors of the buildings. Some doors, such as these at the Iglesia de San Esteban are massive and very imposing. But if you look close, you see a small door within each large door for easier access inside. So far, I have only seen the large doors open once.  The monastery across the street has a similar door but not as massive.

Some doors are quite beautiful and I imagine made to please the original owners. In the case of these iron doors in the walls surrounding the gardens of the Casa de Pilatos, they also serve to enhance the beauty and tranquility of the area.   Finally, we also admire this modern door made to look old.  I have seen one of the occupants of this home – a man dressed very finely smoking a pipe and I wonder if the inside of the home is just a finely crafted as this door and his clothes.

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