Greetings From Sevilla

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Sue and I arrived in Sevilla from Madrid last Thursday by high speed train — called the AVE. The ride, for people used to taking the Acela from Providence, RI, to New York, was incredibly fast and smooth; no bumping, halting clickity-clack on this train. The trip takes about 2 1/2 hours.

One thing that became very obvious, very quickly is that the streets in our part of the city are barely alleys. And they make downtown Boston side streets look like they were laid out in grid fashion. There is barely enough room for VW size cars to fit, and while you can see a “wide” section of sidewalk in the picture above, the reality is that the “sidewalks” are less than a foot wide. They frequently shrink to a matter of inches as corners of buildings extend to the curbings often. It is a real adventure ensuring that pedestrians and cars make it down the streets without incident!

Our Apartment is through the door to the left at the end of this "street"

We also found out rather quickly that while a street map is often useful when travelling in a new city, in Sevilla it is critically important. In our section of town tiny alleyways are “streets” and they twist, shrink, and turn like medieval pathways. It’s quite the experience. You can see plenty of tourists struggling with maps to figure out where they are. Here is a picture of the street leading to our apartment.

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